From warmed, to dyed, to pulled and treated, we've put our beautiful tresses through much duress. I can recognize that being a mom of 4 you are incredibly occupied, but I hardly understand do you use a conditioner or deep conditioner overnight? Why do you really do it overnight? I know people leave deep conditioners on their heads long periods of time, but in truth, after 20-30 min you may take them out. Actually, most services only need you to leave them on for 5 minutes some even 2mn (ok, so I don't do that! I leave them on for longer, but you can do it it still works!). If you believe this is too short you can include heat to your profound conditioner and accelerate the action on nice hair and the huge benefits in half the time. Maybe this is most effective for your busy mum life.

Thank you, I'm glad to learn you found the info helpful and beneficial that is exactly what I make an effort to do here. If people opt to still condition overnight at least they know the hazards. In a tiny pan, incorporate apple cider vinegar (or water/hydrosol) and 1/2 cup of Heavenly Hippy Scalp Mix. Stir over medium heat for five minutes. Don't allow it boil!natural hair conditioner for dry hair

Sorry to hear you've not been well, especially during pregnancy. It could be really troublesome. My second pregnancy was rough as well. Yes, I really do not recommend instantaneously deep conditioning for all your reasons talked about here. The thing is this practice may work” for a lot of people because they have a thicker/stronger scalp texture that can avoid the maceration of the wild hair.

Actually, overnight oil pre-poo is not any bad. I really do it to increase moisture retention and drive back over-stripping from cleaning. However, washing or your hair frequently moist may also be harmful (read this). The truth is, in your case, you are at the same time safeguarding it with the oil-pre-poo. So, available for you, I would get it done every other day and pay attention to my head of hair. If it showed any signals of damage I'd space out the ones that routine.

This is wonderful! I attempted no poo once and it didn't work for me. I've wished to try again and you have given me a lot of inspiration! Blend all materials in a blender until smooth. Unless you own a blender, you can use a hand mixer or mix everything by hand. It ought to be combined well until no chunks remain. I have! I use pumpkin puree' after i am out of eggs! It's ideal for nice hair and super fitness!!